Tofu Skewers

Shakthi’S is the culmination of years of culinary aspirations & passion for hospitality. Our journey started in 2009, and continues to be best thing we have got into. We believe in the goodness of nutritionally balanced meals with the right blend of the six tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salt, hot, and a special taste from raw vegetables and herbs).
Our founder, Abirami Subbu Ramanathan (Abi) hails from the region of Chettinad(India), a name that is synonymous with culinary excellence, deep traditions, and keen business acumen. Abi feels blessed to have inherited these qualities and looks forward to providing you a unique flavorful food experience. You will find it extremely pleasant to work with Abi’s professionalism, moral values, attention to quality, clear communication, and charming personality.

SHAKTHI means power or energy. Our logo symbolizes the radiance of the sun, which is a powerful source of constructive natural energy. Our company is based on a very positive culture with happy people who enjoy creating food that inspire and instill positive energy to the mind and body.